AFS Integrated Systems
AFS Integrated Systems
AFS Integrated Systems
AFS Integrated Systems
AFS Integrated Systems

Every project begins with a consultation to assess the customer’s specific goals and needs. We work in partnership with our customers through the design process to ensure total satisfaction with an end result that stays within the customer’s budget.

Stop wasting time struggling to get technology to work before you can begin your meetings! AFS integrated solutions make complicated technologies transparent to users with intuitive and simple to use interfaces and automated controls. Our state-of-the-art designs enable team engagement, communication and collaboration in your office and across the globe. Reduce frustration and increase productivity for immediate ROI with an AFS custom design.

Imagine your day beginning with lights automatically coming on, your favorite music starts to play, while the blinds slowly open and the coffee pot brews your favorite blend. All this and you haven’t even gotten out of bed! We design easy-to-use affordable home automation solutions that enhance your home life by enabling automated control of all your commonly used electronics and appliances.

From touch screens to tablets to smart-boards, we help create environments with integrated solutions tailored to the diverse needs of learners in the classroom. AFS solutions help students excel in the classroom and get excited about learning.


AFS simplifies the powerful technologies that make you more productive at the office and maximize the quality of your down time at home. With over twenty years of experience in both residential and commercial applications, AFS provides custom solutions with one goal in mind – a delighted customer.

With a passion for excellence we consistently apply our formula:

Simplicity + Integrity + Quality = Delighted Customer

Simplicity – AFS design engineers are experts in all kinds of technologies so you don’t have to be.  Just tell us what problem you are trying to solve or what it is that you would like to be able to do during our on-site personal or business needs analysis. No tech jargon or confusing terms, just plain English discussion about your vision and we’ll take care of the rest.

Integrity – We are designers and users of the applications we offer and our selections for a given design are driven by one thing, and one thing only - meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations with solutions that are innovative and value-driven.

Quality– We design and build systems on solid proven technologies which are scalable and expandable for current and future needs. The skill and meticulous craftsmanship of our installation teams is second to none and it shows in everything we do, from custom room finishings to professionally dressed cabling optimized for serviceability.   

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