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Early electronics/Robotics

Fun & educational is what this early electronics/robotics class is about. We have a unique approach to teaching our early engineers the basics! Look around everything has a wire, battery or power source. Automation is becoming more prevalent in all aspects of our lives. Logic is being built into every device you interact with. When I was a kid we had to take apart flashlights & radios to add fun features to our lego creations. Now lets explore how things work in the 21'st century.

This is a hands on class with a maximum of 8 students per instructor. This class is a prerequisite for the advanced classes that will include logic based coding.

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Parent/Family Technology

This class is a non judgemental enviorment that teaches the basics of your everyday electronics. From connecting your phone to speakers to adding smart devices to your home. Come join the fun & be better prepared for the future of our devices.

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Please drop us a line if you or your child is interested in a class. Please sign up early as classes are filling up.

Enjoy technology don't be frustrated by it!

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